January 2011.

Congratulations to the 3 members of M.V.F.D.  Jared Kirchner, Matt Stephenson, and Steve Bayak jr who completed their local E.M.T. exam. Good luck to these 3 on their state exam! The department looks forward to working with these three!



December 2010

The officers and members of the Meshoppen Fire Department would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.



November 2010

Pictures of the new fire station.


Section 1


Section 2


Both Section 1 and 2


Ladder 2 along with Ambulance 2-8 and 2-9 in Section 1




November 2010

The new station is coming close to complete!! After taking a break over most of the summer to complete other projects and get ready for the Wyoming County fair the new fire station on Mowry street is getting close to complete. Section 1 of the building is complete and currently housing the Ladder, and both Ambulances. Section 2 of the building which adds 3 more bays is currently getting painted and having the final touches done to it. The department hopes to have Section 2 complete by the new year.


September 2010

The officers and members would like to thank everyone from the community who helped and supported us at the recent Wyoming County fair. With your help and support we had almost a record year which will greatly assist in the purchase of safety equipment to better serve the residents of the communities we protect! 


February 2009

During the winter months Station 2 members have been working almost every weekend on the new building. The Building is about 95% complete in Section 1 and we are starting to work on Section 2. The department hopes to be relocating equipment soon. More updates and photos of the building will be coming soon.

ALSO in February.

In Sept. 2008 Meshoppen Fire Dept. applied for the FEMA Firefighters Assistance Grant. The Dept. has applied 3 years in a row with no success. This year we received a phone call from our local Congressman Chris Carney saying that he would like to congratulate the Dept. on getting the 2009 FEMA grant. The grant was submitted for equipment for the Ladder Truck. Members will now be ordering additional equipment that will be paid for with the grant as well as our 10% portion of the grant.

Equipment in the 2009 Grant: (1) Thermal Imaging Camera, (2) Chainsaws, (2) K12 saws, (1) AED, a full compliment of rope rescue equipment, (2) ventilation fans, various hand tools, (5) Flashlights, 1.75" and 3" Hose, (3) TFT nozzles, (6) ladder belts.

November 2008

During the Month of July and August Meshoppen Fire purchased the old lumber yard in the boro. Over the summer members were very busy not only setting up for the Wyoming County Fair but also ripping and tearing down buildings at the new property. After getting over there the members of the dept found that one of the buildings could be remodeled and be turned into a new station. Members have been working very hard during the last month to get this building ready for the Apparatus. The building is projected to be done by the end of the year.  The current plan is to house the Engine, Tanker, and both Ambulances over there and house the Rescue, Ladder, and Brush truck at the current station. Anyone that would like to lend a hand helping out just contact any officer of the dept.



November 2008

Congratulations to the 8 members of M.V.F.D. who completed the 166 hours needed for the Essentials of Fire Fighting course. Also congratulations to the Three junior members who completed 106 hours of the course. Good luck to the members who plan to take the Firefighter 1 Certification in February. This is the second Essential class held in Meshoppen in the past year. Now almost every one of our members are certified up to Essentials. The current 5 Firefighter 1's are planning on taking Firefighter 2 and the members coming out of Essentials also plan to take Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2.




August 2008

During the month of August Ladder 2 came back from KME after being re-lettered and fully serviced members started placing equipment on the ladder and getting it ready to go in service.  After all the equipment was mounted and placed on Ladder 2 it was placed into service. Ladder 2 after only being in service a few weeks got its first call for a Structure fire in Meshoppen Boro. Thankfully we did not have to use the Ladder only for equipment however it was set up and ready to go.






August 2008

During the Month of August Members of the Meshoppen Volunteer Fire Department where busy placing into service the newest addition to our fleet Ambulance 2-8. Now Meshoppen fire runs 2 BLS ambulances out of Meshoppen. Ambulance 2-8 was purchased from Kingston Fire Company in Luzerne County. It is fully stocked and licensed by EMS.



April  2008
On April 7, 2008, Meshoppen Volunteer Fire Department took delivery of a 1997 KME 100 ft. Aerial Cat. Over the next few months, members will be doing aerial & truck company ops. training. After routine maintenance & inspection, Ladder 2 will be in service. MVFD purchased the Ladder from Frankfort, Illinois Station 2.

March  2008

Congratulations to Chris Carney and DJ Marbaker, Members of the M.V.F.D. who passed their  E.M.T. exams. The department is looking forward to working with these two.


 August 14,  2007
While most of the departments in the area attended the Colgrove family funeral and were out of service.  Crews from Wyoming, Susquehanna, and Luzerne counties provided coverage for the area. The Montrose engine, Northmoreland tanker and Kingston Township rescue staged at station 2. We would like to express our thanks to the individuals from Montrose, Northmoreland, Kingston Township and Rush who were there in a time of need.



July  2007
After completing the Essentials of FireFighting course, five members of the M.V.F.D. chose to continue and take the Firefighter 1 certification. Congratulations to Scott Hayward, Ron Coats, Denny Sharer, Chuck Murray, and Jeremiah Coats who passed the test and received their certification. The department looks forward to adding more Firefighter 1 certifications in October. Good luck.


May  2007
Congratulations to Tami Carney, Stephanie Carney, Michelle Hillard, and Deborah Murray of the M.V.F.D. who passed their state E.M.T. exam.


May 17, 2007
Congratulations to the 11 members of M.V.F.D. who completed the 166 hours needed for the Essentials of FireFighting course. Also congratulations to the two junior members who completed 106 hours of the course. Good luck to the members who plan to take the Firefighter 1 Certification in June.

May 14, 2007
Congratulations to the 4 members of M.V.F.D. who passed their local E.M.T. exam. Good luck to these 4 on their state exam!

May 14, 2007
25 members of the Meshoppen Volunteer Fire Department recently participated in a Hazardous Materials Awareness class.

March 4, 2007
To better serve the community, Meshoppen Volunteer Fire Department recently held an E.V.O.C. (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course) class. Congratulations to the 15 members from M.V.F.D. and 3 members from Tunkhannock Ambulance who successfully completed the course. 

February 2007
Meshoppen Ambulance 2-9 is now in service!!